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Surplus Financial Group was established in 2017 and is a specialist provider of a range of financial services covering taxation, accounting, risk and wealth management. Your dedicated accountant will help you to achieve confidence in your personal or business finances in every aspect.

We’re a robust Melbourne firm with big ambitions. Like our clients, consistent growth is our goal. Learn more about us:

Just some of our services

Income taxes

We take care of all your Income Tax needs and personal filings including any deductions or the reporting of investment property income.

Asset management

We are extensively experienced in both Mezzanine financing as well as residential and commercial real estate syndications.

Business consulting

We can cater for a range of different company structures ranging from sole traders to partnerships, family trusts and incorporated companies.

And much more

Employment taxes, indirect taxes, and even COVID-19 related taxes are all part of our extensive areas of accounting expertise.

A decade of tax experience

Surplus Financial Group’s Founder, Hussein Saad, started his career in some of Melbourne’s top tier accounting firms and has more than a decade of Australian financial experience.

We know our clients have better things to do than to worry about numbers, tax rules and even more numbers. Let our professional accountants take care of your finances so you can get back to what really matters. Read more about our company:

What the Tax?

Frequently Asked [Tax] Questions

The cost of your tax return is assessed on a case-by-case basis and varies depending on whether you are a business or individual. Rest assured we do not bill you in incremental minutes or charge you non-transparent ‘consulting’ fees. We are upfront and clear about each and every service. All our tax services are fully tax deductible.

We are Xero Certified and Practise Partners. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software which can help you (and us!) track your income and expenses, while also allowing us to forecast cash flow. We offer our clients initial basic training on the platform to help get them started.

All three. We have some clients who prefer to meet in person and some we’ve only ever dealt with on email. The choice is yours. What we pride ourselves on is constant communication. Often we’re chasing you and not the other way around.

Not all accountants are created equal! We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and developing the sort of trust that should exist in a successful relationship. No question is ever too difficult or a problem. We’re here to help and we believe that’s what our clients deserve.

We work with all types of individuals and businesses including those offering services in the disability sector, right through to social media marketing companies! Our experience with every industry is varied, giving us oversight and the skills necessary to manage all complex accounting needs regardless of how your business makes its revenue.

As a sole Director, Hussein provides all his services in-house at Surplus Financial Group to ensure a personal touch which is all about building a strong relationship. However, there are times when he might call on other resources when dealing with large or complex tax services.

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We pride ourselves on availability, transparency, communication – and perhaps most importantly – outstanding results for our clients.